Faitron Smart HeatsBox

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Faitron Smart HeatsBox

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Hong Kong is busy with work, and it is rare to have a good rest during lunch break. I definitely want to have a good meal to reward myself for working hard.
Outside meals are no more expensive than self-cooked meals to be healthy and rich, so many people are used to preparing meals in the morning, and then bringing the meal box to the company, so that it can be eaten by heating it in the microwave at noon.
Of course, it’s great in a small company. If you’re in a large company, you have to "compete" with your colleagues for microwave ovens... Recommend an artifact—HeatsBox self-heating lunch box. With it, you no longer have to talk to colleagues Fight for the microwave oven.
Everyone should be familiar with self-heating lunch boxes, but most of the self-heating lunch boxes on the market are heated by lime and other substances, so the lunch box will be thrown away after heating once, which is very environmentally friendly and wasteful .
The HeatsBox is different, it has a built-in 85W heater, just press the switch, the lunch box will automatically heat your meals, you only need to wait 30 minutes to eat a steaming lunch.
It can be cleaned after use and can be used next time!
The Heatsbox designed by Faitron of Switzerland is the first heating lunch box using multi-face heating technology.
Through the mobile app settings, HeatsBox can heat food in the office or home at different times and temperatures, eliminating the need to wait in line for microwave lunch, which is very convenient.
HeatsBox Pro has improved the use of easy-to-click lids to increase the compartments, which greatly increases the convenience, and the inner lunch box is updated with matching equipment.

The bento is heated by baking, so there is no need to worry about moisture affecting the taste of delicious dishes
Patented multi-sided heating technology, evenly heated food
Mobile app to set heat preservation and heating time and temperature
You can eat hot lunch after 30 minutes, which is very convenient
No microwave radiation will affect health
The detachable inner box is only 300G, which is convenient for cleaning and carrying food
Small and mini, easy to carry
FDA and LFGB food grade materials

Material: PP, stainless steel, aluminum
Food safety: food grade materials
Heating technology: multi-sided heating
Power: 102W
Voltage: 12-240V
Volume: 925mlMax
Temperature: 85°CExt
Product size: 225 x 180 x 74mm
Inner box size: 185 x 140 x 40mm
Net weight: 850g