Pigeon Pure Natural Baby Powder 150g

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Effectively prevent the baby's eczema and prickly heat, the skin is dry and comfortable after application. It is better for babies to change diapers or after bathing. Suitable for normal skin, baby with sensitive skin is recommended to use fragrance-free type

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"Sensitized, non-irritating, ideal for baby's delicate skin
Can effectively prevent the baby from eczema and prickly heat, and the skin is dry and comfortable after application. It is better for babies to change diapers or after bathing. Suitable for normal skin, babies with sensitive skin are recommended to use fragrance-free type.

★ With a clean puff or hand, take an appropriate amount of talcum powder and gently wipe it on the skin.
★ Use talcum powder and puff for the upper and lower body, please use them separately to maintain hygiene (the product does not have a puff).
In case of allergies, please stop using it immediately.
Care instructions
★ Please place in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight.

1. If you have any discomfort in your skin after use, please stop using it.
2. Please be careful not to let your baby inhale talcum powder.
3. Do not use the wound, inflammation or redness on the skin.
4. Please close the lid tightly after use.
5. Please place this product in a place where infants and young children can not reach.

Usage: When going out for mountain climbing, swimming or outdoor activities, apply an appropriate amount to the whole body (including the face). Because it is a lotion, it is easy to apply and does not leave white residue. Every 2
-This product is non-food and inedible, only for external use
-If accidentally swallowed or touched the eyes, immediately wash with plenty of water and seek medical attention
-Should be stored in a place where babies cannot reach, while avoiding direct sunlight and damp places
-It should be used as soon as possible after opening, while minimizing direct contact with air
-If the baby has adverse reactions after use, such as sensitivity or rash, please suspend use and see a doctor
-Keep away from fire

The pictures are for reference only, and the actual product shall prevail.
1) Please keep it out of the reach of infants.
2) Please avoid the eye area when using.
3) Do not use if there are wounds, redness, pus or lacerations.
4) If you don't rub your eyes when you accidentally enter your eyes, please rinse them with clean water immediately. If you feel unwell, please consult a doctor as soon as possible.
5) In order to avoid accidental ingestion and maintain the quality relationship, please do not exchange with other containers.
6) Please place in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
7) If there are rashes, redness, itching, irritation, pain, heat or peeling during use, please suspend use. If the remedy does not improve after use, please stop using it and ask the pharmacist or doctor.